Our Training Mission

Unic Sol is a catalyst that transforms organizations and inspires people management and lower level employees to achieve their higher potential. Learning here boosts up the experiences that engage people, empower leaders, build corporate team and manage training development. We have supported many organizations in:

  • Training their employees
  • Enhancing the skills
  • Improve their performance and productivity


Our basic training is re defined into an extensive layout.

Training Methodology

Unic Sol deploys unique methodology which revolutionizes the way training is done. The following steps are followed:

  • The strategic need for the training program is defined along with objectives
  • Measurable (SMART) goals are defined at program and participant level
  • Program is customized to map to strategy goals
  • Program is deployed
  • Participants identify a mini project to be done in Learning Implementation Program (LIP), within 4 to 8 weeks.
  • The results are reviewed for integrity
  • In consulting engagements, Unic Sol adopts a well defined PDCA cycle. The SMART goals linked to the bottom line will govern the direction and define the success of the project

Course Ware



Are you keen in Java and want to become a Java Developer…

Unic Sol helps you in every way…

Designed by James Gosling, Java is a popular programming language that strongly drives in as a great platform for all the application services. It is more advanced now!

Nowadays many software training centers are found at every corner of Hyderabad city being Java as one of the courses. But Unic Sol is marking its own name with the fine & flexible expertise who take each and every subject throughout the extreme areas. Core Java, Advance Java, Frameworks is what we fall into by focusing on advanced technologies. We frame the very enthusiastic Java developers after successful completion of training and assists for placements at the top-notch Multi-National Companies.


Developed by Microsoft, released on 13 February 2002 .NET Framework exclusively runs on Microsoft Windows. It is customized into Android and iOS operating systems and game engines. To prepare the real-time programmers, we work on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) Frameworks. Programmers generate the software by combining their source code with .NET framework. It’s key features are-

  • Improved Security and Speed
  • Easy & Flexible Use
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Low Investment
  • Integration & Surfing


Our syllabi covers –

  • Working with controllers
  • Working with views
  • HTML helpers
  • working with model
  • Data Annotations
  • Designing & Implementing
  • Database with SQL Server
  • Working with Partial Views & layouts
  • Using AJAX and Query
  • Working with services & filters
  • NET MVC Deployment

Testing Tools

Explore now!

Software Testing is a smooth way to check out the quality of the software product or service.  It finds the bugs while executing a program or an application. At Unic Sol, you get to work on Manual testing, Installations with Eclipse IDE, JDK 8 and Setup Testing and Selenium for Eclipses, Introduction to Selenium.

Quantitative Aptitude

Our skills are something that we diligently should work on. The numerical skills and program solving skills have become more important to reach the corporate world or even to refresh your ability power. Take a numerical turn with Unic Sol that majorly trains on Math and general problem-solving skills.

Verbal Ability

It’s a testing time!

To enter into the real world of software, Verbal Ability skills plays a key role. Basically, a person’s ability is tested on the basis of word grip, verbal reasoning, and sentence corrections with strong vocabulary and English skills being a silver line.

Unic Sol teaches you those skills to write the test confidently and get a good score.

Soft Skills & Employability Skills

These are the skills that give a green signal to begin your employment. It is surrounded by Communication, Teamwork, problem-solving, Initiative & enterprise, learning, technology, self-management. At Unic Sol, we make sure that a student is perfect on all the topics and get well equipped with these skills to actually get through the challenging workspace.

Soft skill is a smooth form of interaction both personally and socially. Communication is not meant to hurt another person but make a fine approach to be successful in a job.

It is a clear wordplay without any disturbances. We train you at the best level. Emotional Intelligence, Team Player, Active Listening, Work Culture, Open to Feedback, Adaptability and Active Listening are the sounding skills that one can be familiar with.

Project Management

When a project is undertaken, it involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling and communication. Unic Sol helps one to meet the expected goals and challenges. 

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