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At Unic Sol, we’re devoted to helping clients, regardless of the extent or type of their coverage, enjoy a high-quality service experience. Whether you conclude your policies without ever having to file a claim or encounter several issues that require a claims process, you’ll be in good hands when you work with Unic Sol.

We stand by the same values and standards we bring to the creation and implementation of insurance policies and programs when we assist with a claims process. We know that, when financial losses are sustained, compensation must be swift to successfully mitigate risks and allow individuals and businesses to move on. Thus we strive to make the claims process as fast as possible. We also insist on personalized and personable service at all times.

Years of experience, a broad set of skills enhanced by an international network, and a distinct focus on client satisfaction help us deliver quality claims solutions to each of our clients. We encourage growth and progress in our own operation by keeping our claims work transparent.

Through Unic Sol claims management services, clients can expect a variety of incentives when working towards the completion of a claim. Unic Sol helps with support at the time of an incident, including the presentation of viable solutions. We assist with important events such as meetings with stakeholders and insurers, tracking of complaints, follow-up on expert conclusions, confirmation of repairs, and various other needs.

Handling the fallout of an accident or other unexpected event can feel like an overwhelming task. Insurance policies should be able to assist in such circumstances, rather than add more strain and difficulty. At Unic Sol, we help keep our clients protected not only from the unexpected, but also from poor and overly-complex policies and practices. We believe that a great insurance service should make the claims process as smooth and painless as possible.

Discover a claims service that doesn’t compromise. Explore this opportunity and others offered by Unic Sol by getting in touch with us today. You’ll find a partner committed to keeping you satisfied every step of the way.