Our Proficiency!

  • Unic Sol is strongly dedicated to constant quality improvement & strives to deliver the standard  level of training that blend with global standards
  • We have  trained more than 2000 professionals to date
  • Unic Sol focuses on building training programs required by Engineering & Software industry.
  • “GAP Analysis” is an exclusive methodology of Unic Sol, to identify gaps in skill sets and focus on training to fill the gaps identified.
  • Candidates will be helped to improve proficiency across technical skills, functional skill s and organizational skills.
  • We aim to increase our capacity to create training and skills transfer and empowerment opportunities for the candidates.

Our Highlights!

  • Highly competent skilled & dedicated faculty
  • Conducted about 30 corporate training programs
  • Duration of training programs depends on the technology & training level
  • Customized training to accomplish the requirements of each participant based on  “GAP Analysis” evaluated by the trainer
  • Subjective attention is offered to reach the end result
  • Professionally designed courseware will be provided
  • Career counseling and guidance to help candidates make the right choice
  • Unic Sol aims to increase its capacity to train and empower engineers for better opportunities in the industry.
  • The training center is located at the center of the city with good connectivity.
  • Well built infrastructure with high-end computers and servers.
  • Independent rooms for discussion with clients and options to utilize another available area in the office.

Our Offerings

Our services can be mainly categorized into the below service lines:

  • In-house Training (Individual)
  • Corporate Training

Make available your employees the skill they need to excel.

Do you have prolific employees who need additional skills to meet current job demands?

Do you want your employees to acquire more skills to help you to save time, money, or gain a competitive edge?

Our trainers identify and deliver exactly what you need

Benefits of our Services

  • Will cut down the cost involved in training and provide you with the certified agents who can be productive in the market.
  • Time-tested methodologies and our focus on quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness give us the edge that helps us to fit hand in glove with our customer’s requirements.
  • Value Added Service (VAS), by identifying the Skill-Gap in each individual and focus to fill identified Gaps thus contributing to the better workforce.
  • The content of the course is systematically designed to enrich the students. Utilize industry standard textbooks in unification with Unic Sol courseware.


We have a highly qualified and experienced team of trainers, having wide industrial experience. We maintain professionally designed courseware. The experienced faculty successfully share their experience, to help and to become successful Engineers and become more productive in their respective roles in a competitive edge?

Our trainers identify and deliver exactly what you need.

Our Training Experience

We have already provided corporate training facilities for well-established companies like EIDIKO, CALLIDUS, UST GLOBAL, KNOAH etc. Unic Sol is confident that our Value Added Service in terms of Corporate and In-house training will contribute to the development of individuals and pave way for the overall development of your company.

We are committed to offer best support in terms of quality and in-time delivery of the project.