An online assessment application tool for the Schools, Colleges and organizations to examine or scrutinize the aspirants before you consider for the admission or employment within your organization. It acts as a intermediary between Employer and Jobseeker to evaluate the skills pertaining to the particular job or employment. In this modern era technology playing a vital role in assessing the candidate skills as next generation is tending towards AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the recruitment process. Think75 been built on the lines of AI with robust assessment features in every aspect of interview process.

Assessing the candidate with Communications Skills, Technology Knowledge and bit of logic thinking is quite a regular practice in filtering the candidate for the final discussion. Where as psychological and social factors are ignoring while this would be play a vital role for the targeted role. Until he/she get into the organization we never know what sort of behavior they possess when it comes facing a challenge or task within their Job. Sometimes their Psychological or Social behavior also impacts on product out come be it a service sector, Software Development or Manufacturing Industry.

Think75 would provide you a accurate and authenticate evaluation selection process to find the best resource to the organization.

Highlights of Think75:

  • Auto search options to assess the candidate
  • Customized in built tools to evaluate each of the module
  • Insta notifications to the recruiters and the candidate
  • Alerts on upcoming schedule to take part in the exams
  • Auto restriction on usage of web while performing the assessment test
  • Random questionnaire for each selected module
  • Vast selection options for the subjects or fields of assessment