Today’s world is routed to the way of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology. To reach those lines, our Think75 application acts an information wall between Employer and Job seeker.

Basically, the candidate skills are assessed generally for getting an admission into schools, colleges, and organizations. This analysis concept has become more refined now. It is set to beat the usual process of communication skills, technology standard, and knowledge as these factors have become the regular part of an interview.

Think75 works on a social and psychological behavior of a candidate that impacts to greater extent in working for the product either be it in any field. There is an authentic selection method here that provides a smooth & better resource to the organization.


  • Automatic search options for candidate assessment
  • Customization of tools to evaluate each module
  • Upcoming schedule alerts
  • Random questionnaire for each selected module
  • Vast Selection options for the subjects or areas of assessment