Koneqto is an amazing job platform that connects both job seekers and employers.  Keeping the job seekers as our top priority, the application passes through all the varied fields from IT to charity and manufacturing to service providers by not restricted to one domain of interest.  Isn’t that a great service!

We only to make a job search easier and to provide more efficiency to the users. Being a 24/7 service, one can filter the best personnel for the required post. Koneqto lays out enormous features like job updates about daily walk-ins and opportunities in other fields and locations.

Expert Advice and charity are our unique poles that help the users to exclusively engage, donate for the cause/event and get benefitted from the advice posts aiming the best route to their career options.

With a gradual shift to mobile industry, Koneqto stands apart with an initial demo that can be seen as soon as a person logs in as to make a user understand the application, video resume and smart reply with gifs.

We take a closer look to blend the different talents and opportunities.