All information except for what is useful is always available at your finger tips – unnecessary gossip through WhatsApp or monkey making faces on snap chat but information that really matters is rarely accessible. Infobyt is a revolutionary application which gives you information that you require the most. So the next time your stressed about your child’s whereabouts or your next Pay Slips, do not worry Infobyt is at your rescue.

We will make sure you are always informed and aware about everything that you need to know. Information that matters is presented to you in a simple, user friendly and organized manner with facilities like sinking it with your phone book, calendar, mail box etc.. you can seamlessly manage all important events through our notifications.

Be the star at your office when you are up to date about information regarding all new and old clients, programs, events, policies and etc happening in your organization. Infobyt will make sure you never miss any important update about your child or updates related to your company.

Some of the informations which you can get before your time are:

  • Daily updates on attendance
  • Regular alerts on performance
  • Reminders about your payments and salaries
  • Alerts on events within the campus/organization

In short, a one-stop destination to all your queries, information about any concerned person, activities or meetings.