Nowadays a ton of online applications and tools are available to access the unnecessary or fake information but the real cluster of facts that are needed in this fast-paced world has become scarce.

To explore that real data, an Infobyt application is set to beat the usual paperwork with an innovative and uprooted digital technology. It gives the latest updates, alerts about the multiple schools.

Be it about your Child Whereabouts, faster download of monthly Pay Slips, Attendance Updates, Classroom Surveillances, GPS Tracking, Fee due notifications, you can keep all your worries away as Infobyt has it all!

Our process goes on from schools acceptance of Terms & Conditions & registration with the application. Once we approve, you become an official user of infobyt!

Parents and Class Teachers can scroll through information about their child and students on a simple interface from anywhere at any time. We also invite feedback from the parents & schools that can be finely posted in Infobyt.

Surprisingly, college & organization are its future enhancements that give timely information about college events, corporate activities, salary & meeting updates etc. So, don’t miss out even a small concern about the one that really matters to you.

Get updated with Infobyt!